An open statement-4HunnidWays

As we strive to make a difference, we also recognize that all the obstacles we are working to overcome
exist because of socio-economic disparities and racial injustice. To paraphrase a quote from Dr. Martin
Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech of 1963, which states that, “I pray that , we will one day live in a
nation where we will not be judged by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character.”. That
day has come. BLM

Taking a stand in bringing about change is crucial. We want to make a clear statement that Black Lives
Matter. We join forces with all of those fighting for racial equality and social justice for everyone. The
time has come to “raise up”, take a stand, and make a difference. BLM


As Co-founder and CEO of 4HunnidWays , I am committed to working diligently along with other organizations, and or persons, to build stronger communities.

We started out just assisting Foster Care Children, and before we realized it, we expanded into so many other areas due to the needs of so many other people reaching out to us.

Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to work along with many other people as well as other organizations and that are just as committed as we are. This has enabled us to grow and reach more people and provide a wider variety of services.

Today, we are taking on more projects, expanding our program initiatives to include:

1) Homeless Program- we have adopted 12 Homeless Houses, providing meals, food, clothing and other household essentials.

2) Prison to Home- we assist in the needs to persons being released from prison making the adjustment to re-entry into the community. These includes, counseling, job development and other essential needs for their success.

3) Healthy Eating- we will visit various groceries stores and assisting
shoppers to make healthier food choices, which we will then pay


While providing these services in addition to the various other programs, we hope to make a more positive impact and build bridges that will build stronger communities.


Thousands of families with children continue to face homelessness in Los Angeles County. According to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority’s (LAHSA) 2017 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count Report 8,529 family members are homeless in Los Angeles County on any given night. With little or no support, many homeless families are forced to move from place to place, and may even find themselves sleeping in their cars, parks and other places not meant for housing.

Our Impact

At Connections For Women, we empower our families to overcome their barriers to housing so that they can transition out of homelessness and poverty. Our programs build on each family’s strengths and teach them professional and life skills while also bolstering their ability to be self-sufficient and independent. Since our inception, we have placed over 150 families in permanent housing, including 500 children.

Over 150 Families have benefited from our programs


Families moved into their own homes


Adult family members increased their income through employment


Children received trauma informed care and counseling.