4Hundred is dedicated to advocating the importance of education, self-determination, support and opportunities for our disadvantaged and at-risk youth.

Our founding mission was to enhance the lives of disadvantaged youth throughout the Compton Community and surrounding areas of Greater Los Angeles. We did this through the provision of personal growth and development programs along with educational experiences that stimulated the minds of our youth. We provided support to (STEMM) science, technology, education, math and music experiences for the youth that afforded them the opportunity to expand their perspective and provided them with valuable tools designed to better equip them for dealing with life issues.

Over the years we worked alongside Mayor Aja Brown, in the City of Compton, her staff and other stakeholders. 4 Hundred Waze and our community partners we worked tirelessly serving multiple communities. Through our services and we discovered an overwhelming need for housing and supportive services for homeless children and their families.

This discovery prompted a partnership with Connections for Women.

Connections for Women, Inc is a non-profit organization that assists homeless women with children in reaching economic self-sufficiency, by providing emergency crisis housing along with the necessary resources, tools, and education needed for success.

Connections for Women provides single unaccompanied women and women with children with Emergency CRISIS Housing and supportive services in the County of Los Angeles. We provide support to women and families regardless of their race, sex, religious beliefs, disability, sexual preference or ethnicity.

As we enter our seventh year of service, we have decided to provide activities that further expose our youth to all above-listed resources. Additionally we are going to provide more assistance to the youth affected by homelessness. We want to improve relationships between the youth, their peers and the community at large. Our goal is to continue to redirect the young people in the Greater Los Angeles areas, by providing more positive experiences, allowing them options for a more productive lifestyle.

By January 2020 we will be creating a support network for Homelessness Supportive programming in several other states. 4Hundred Waze will be expanding our reach and helping rid our nation of homelessness one family at a time.

Together we CAN make a difference.